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Better Than the Truth

Hebrews 4:13 - Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight; everything is uncovered ad laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account.

The natural response to your dirty laundry being aired out in front of people would be at best frustration and hurt; and at worst feelings of betrayal and contempt for someone. These feelings and everything in between make sense and rightfully so. However, something far worse and evoking a far worse response would be someone spreading something false about you - slander. Why would someone do that? The answer isn't actually the point.

A deep and piercing question has coursed through my thoughts for the past few days - is there anything anyone can say about me that is worse than the truth?

The question may take a moment to ponder... The heart of the Gospel is that God is so much greater than I ever thought He was and I am far worse than I ever thought I was; and I am far worse than I ever thought I was. The author of Hebrews was writing to the Hebrew Christians and, therefore, understands the temptation to believe works of the law are a means of righteousness. In response to this reality he says, 'Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight...' There is nothing works of righteousness or good deeds can do to cover up the stain of destruction my life has left behind. God knows all of my past and present thoughts, frustrations, and intentions of my heart. There is nothing hidden from Him. Fancy and eloquent prayers cannot fool a God who sees directly into my intentions. The reality and beauty of God as revealed in the Gospel is that He sees more of me than anyone else ever has, but He has pursued me and loved me more than anyone ever will.

What's does this have to do with gossip or slander? There is nothing anyone can reveal about or make up about me that is worse than the truth about me. Only God knows and if we are honest with ourselves the truth is far worse than anything anyone could try to say about us. Should gossip or slander hurt any less? Probably not, but I can't be offended and harbor anger towards someone when really nothing they can say is worse than the truth. Nothing anyone can say is worse than the truth. Jesus knew that truth and went to cross anyway. It's not a testament to me as much as it's a huge testament to Him. The same God who knew the truth about the Israelites and still said, 'You are mine', is the same God who knows the truth about me and on the cross echoed that same statement - 'You are mine...'

There is nothing anyone can say about me that is worse than the truth.

'Jesus, will You help this reality to become concrete in my mind. Help me to live humbly because you ever remind me in the midst of gossip and slander that it's still not worse than the truth. Thank you for knowing the truth and still coming for me. It makes sense that David always talked about you as His shelter and refuge. The more I remember this the more I feel that way also.'

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That’s awesome Taylor! Reminds me of what Jonny and Miguel said: “Hurt is inevitable, but offense is a choice”.

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