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Kingdom of Priests

I was reading my daily Bible plan and afterwards was just thinking and praying with the Lord about it. I was torn because though I was spending time with him, I didn’t feel anything. I felt as if I was stuck between being legalistic and being emotionally driven.

“Shouldn’t I feel something from reading?”

After that I closed my Bible app, got on YouTube, found the Kingdom of Priest channel, then listened and watched them worship. It’s crazy seeing all though people cooped up in a tiny room, but what was more fascinating to me was how different it was to the recordings we practice with and listen to on Spotify.

Parts were switched up and repeated when they weren’t usually repeated, the notes were not the same and would go up and down differently. I thought to myself

“Why are they doing it so differently? Don’t they know that people are watching?”

As I look at the crowd of people with voices blaring towards heaven and their hands in the air, I realize they are not doing it for me, or the audience. It’s for God. It always has to be for God. Regardless of my emotions and my words, the amount that I read or which book I read; it is for God alone. I was able to benefit from their worship; how much is true for others when I worship my God?

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