Taylor and Robyn are both Graduates of NMSU. Taylor has been on staff for four years and Robyn for three. They have two children, Charlotte (2) and Oliver (0) Cruz. Taylor has been interim Director for one year. Their dream is to see a Chi Alpha on every New Mexico Campus and intend to commit to XANMSU until that mission is accomplished.


Mike has been on staff for six years and Christina for three. Both are graduates of Sam Houston State University. Mike completed his internship from SHSU in 2008 and Christina in 2015. After getting married in the summer of 2016, Christina joined our team with Michael and has been here ever since. Their dream is to integrate a heart for missions, both domestically and internationally, into the students of NMSU and intend to continue to serve for future years. 

Shannon Collins 

Shannon graduated from NMSU in 2018 and completed her internship in 2019. Shannon serves as the CMIT director and is head of our Finance department. She married Anthony Collins in May 2019, who will also graduate from NMSU and intends to also do the internship soon after.  They desire to continue to build up XA NMSU for future years and create a strong culture of abiding and discipleship.

Sarah McEachern

Sarah graduated from NMSU in 2018 and completed her internship in 2019. Sarah was transformed by Jesus through Chi Alpha at NMSU and desires to introduce other girls to Jesus just like she was. She desires to continue to work with Chi Alpha at any location long term, but intends to continue to serve NMSU for the coming years.

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